First days in Hannover

Germany with a Hoosier Accent

I have been in Hannover for three hectic days now!

Thursday, we rode back to Cologne, where they turned us loose. I hung out at the main train station. Another Fulbrighter (whom I had not met) was on my train and helped me heave my 50-pound bag into the overhead bin. My Betreuungslehrerin (supervising teacher) met me at the train station. She brought me a bag of groceries, soap, toilet paper, and other essentials, then drove me to my apartment. I then went to the Buergeramt to register with the city, but I had no luck (more about that later!).

When I came home, I met Vanessa, the young woman I am renting from. The apartment is L-shaped, and she lives on one side of the “L” and I am on the other, with a kitchen, bathroom, and laundry in between. The room is small (120 square feet!) but cute…

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