German for Refugees

Germany with a Hoosier Accent

Just down the street from my apartment, there is a Flüchtlingshaus, a long, bright green apartment complex in which refugees from Africa, Asia, and the Middle East live for several months until they secure work and housing here in Hannover.


Last week, I went to the house, introduced myself, and asked the house director how I could help, perhaps by giving German classes to the refugees living there. I was afraid the director would ask why I, a non-native German speaker, thought I could teach German. To the contrary, though, she was very excited and asked me to work with a group of women refugees from Ghana who speak English as (one of) their native language(s) but need to learn German. All of the women are either 8-9 months pregnant or have recently given birth, so they are unable to attend other classes in the community. So I wrote a…

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