This is how an adventure begins.

Yep – don’t really feel bad about taking those extra few minutes with Mandi before I left this morning, even though they delayed me, because I was greeted at the Bahnhof (train station) by a twenty minute delay for my train.

Then again, a five minute delay to a single German train seems like it can take down the whole network.  That’s a thirty-five minute delay announcement on the sign, greeting me the platform, which has now been changed due to the delay.

(By the way, there are no problems on the route I’ll be traveling. The source of the delay is on a completely different route in the opposite direction)

This is why we build in padding to our schedules and this is why we don’t take travel too seriously ☺️


Turns out that there is a problem with this train too; so instead of dropping me off at the airport and continuing several hours south for the other passengers, it’s going to stop at the Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof.

Update 2

The story gets more and more interesting…the train I was on apparently couldn’t even make it to Frankfurt, so it decided to turn around and head back home to Hannover. It dropped me off in Fulda, where I am now waiting for another train to come and take me to the airport. So much for a direct train.

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