It’s about percentages…

…or so I tell myself. I think that I fare pretty well considering how often I fly, so the more I travel, the more I should expect these kind of things.

No more sleep-under-the-barren-sky desert trip for me: my flight yesterday was cancelled for maintenance issues and that eliminated my window of opportunity, so I had them issue my new flight straight to Germany. It’s sad, but I’m yearning to be back with Mandi and welcome the two day verkurzung of the trip.

It’s working out well despite the fact that it’s difficult not to be upset. The original flight to Abu Dhabi was just as long as my entire new trip and I slept in a comfortable hotel instead of on the plane.

That being said, I’m on my fourth airline and fifth re-reservation. At the lowest point yesterday I was super excited to have my flight home on Turkish Airlines, but upon asking the gate agent if there might be some way to get a gluten free meal (because of the rebooking there was no time to do the normal day-ahead request) she took my tickets and told me I was unable to board! Just like that my hopes were shattered and no amount of pleading could help – they have some policy like that.

A supersupervisor (two levels up) stayed with me to the end (I was literally the last passenger in the airport before it closed for the night) which was kind of her. She felt bad both because of my hassle and that she couldn’t do a thing about it – the most sympathetic airport staff I’ve worked with.

Now I’m on the bus for the terminal and hope things turn out okay today: definitely not asking about the meal 😐. KLM has a flight from Amsterdam to Hannover, which I am going to ask about instead of returning from Amsterdam to Frankfurt – that would save me several hours and one train trip.

Will update as the day goes by.

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