Don’t Bother Me, I am Sleeping

I feel like someone at my high school must have tried this at some point. We did have a team of students bring in a George Foreman grill into an Engineering course one week (and yes, they grilled some burgers that filled the room with that luring smell), but they were college students, not elementary kids!

Germany with a Hoosier Accent

I seem to have bad luck with my fifth grade “remedial” English class. Last week, an epic fight broke out after one girl called another a “schwuler chienescher Schwein.”

This week, a little girl tripped and fell during class (English class, mind you. Not gym class. My English class. Ahh.) then burst into tears after a boy in the class laughed at her.

At the beginning of class, a little boy set the following sign up on his desk then laid his head down.

The sign reads, “Do not disturb. I am sleeping. Do not disturb.”

I think he had the right idea, although I made him move to the front of the class, prompting another boy to whine that he, too, wanted to move to the front. The author of the sign moved up front with a smug smile. (The incident reminded me of the time that the preschoolers…

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