Friends in East Berlin

These two were hanging out around the last remains of the Berlin wall trying to stay warm. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to capture their expressions and give them this gift.

Snell Family Photos

The homeless man on the left pulled me aside while walking near the East Side Gallery in Berlin. He saw my camera and wanted me to take a picture of him and his friend, who was much more reluctant. I thought, “why not?” So the man coaxed his friend into position while I setup my tripod.

One shot wasn’t enough.

He wanted more and I eventually took three portraits (this being the third one). He also gave me an address to which he wanted me to send them. Finally he was either offering me five Euros for the pictures or wanted five Euros from me for the opportunity to photograph such authentic Berlin characters – I couldn’t understand his mumbling too clearly.

Eventually I told him that I was leaving and would send him the pictures after a week or two. It was a very sweet encounter and shows how…

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