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Helping people solve their problems is one way I love to learn how to solve my own 😉The following technical post is a follow-up from my weekend at a WordPress community event called Word Camp London where I spent some time helping a man discover why his website was taking over twelve seconds to load and fix it.

Fluffy and Flakey

Today at Word Camp London I was sitting at the Happiness Bar (no shots – we’re there to engineer happiness by way of solving your problems, not by drowning them out) and a gentleman came to us and lamented his lack of sleep over a WordPress site he was building for a client. The public side was just fine, but it was taking over twelve seconds to load for logged-in users! Since being logged in was essential for the users of his site, this was a show-stopper. Engineers attack!

You will never find the problem

We spent a couple of hours pouring over this gentleman’s site with him as we tried to get it up to speed. We ended up with a sufficient boost in performance and found lots of issues along the way that confounded the causes behind his code’s lethargy and his insomnia. Not a single solution that…

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