Pushing the Limits

Follow my exciting and frightening adventure as I reintroduce the thing that was making me miserable in order to study its effects on me (and enjoy the yummies again!)

Is Gluten a Fad?

No gluten in this package! No gluten in this package!

The skeptic in me has a hard time believing, well, almost everything I hear or read. In June 2013 while trying to figure out why I was feeling miserable all the time, I came across a test that indicated I have a severe allergic reaction to Gluten and Gliadin. Gluten is a miracle protein found in an array of grains. Coming from the same latin root that gives us glue, the sticky glutinous rice, and the attractive subatomic gluon, you could guess that it has something to do with binding things together. This is, of course, the miracle – the gluten proteins chain together in breads and other foods to form little nets that trap in the carbon dioxide released during the rising process and hold the bread together when stretched. This is the secret ingredient that gives breads their fluffy, flakey, stretch, and smooth…

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