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Is Gluten a Fad?

My experiment ended conclusively enough and I owe everyone a follow-up post. After I officially stopped eating gluten, I started back up just a week later while traveling for work. Partially I was still curious about the experiment, but honestly it was very difficult to give up the breads, pizza, pasta, pastries, and other bilabial stops.

The stomache ache I was experiencing didn’t go away. In fact, it persisted and continued to get worse as long as I was consuming gluten. It went away when I stopped and it came back almost instantly when I started again. This is a symptom I had often read about but never experienced before I embraced the GF label which was one reason I had my doubts. Now that I have experienced it, I know what people mean when they talk about a gut-wrenching pain. My suspicion is that I learned about my problem with gluten…

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