Pied Piper

The truth behind the Piper tale remains unknown, but it’s a fun read on Wikipedia to learn about the theories.

Germany with a Hoosier Accent

This Friday, Dennis and I took the train to Hammeln, a small village and home of the Pied Piper. According to legend, the Pied Piper killed all the town’s rats and then, when he wasn’t paid, lured all the village’s children away with a pipe. The rat part was made up, but the town did lose several hundred of its children in the twelfth century to an unknown person/plague. The town still reenacts this event every Sunday. Our time in Hammeln was relaxing. We ate at a cafe, walked around, and saw the Pied Piper skipping through the streets with an oboe. Dennis also took a few pictures.

Friday night, my friend Britta and I took a bike tour throughout the city. We had fun chatting, although the “security” bikers kept running people over for no apparent reason. Guess the power got to them…

next post: Gommern and Magdeburg!

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