How tmux made my day

Another technical post for the geeks among you!

Fluffy and Flakey


This is what tmux does and how it helps me Get.Stuff.Done.


I’m one of the lucky people who gets to test out how services perform under terrible Internet connections: random drops, latency above a second, and dismal bandwidth. Because of this I tend to say, “I should really learn how to use screen or tmux” whenever my work gets interrupted. This past week I finally took that plunge! In preparation for a long flight without Internet access, I preloaded a bunch of tutorials and started reading.

I already had screen installed on my development server, so I was inclined to get it working (I had also tried some time ago in the distant past and gave up). To make a long story short, screen just wasn’t doing it for me, and it’s not the mature product that tmux is today. Taking a step on the wild-side, I installed tmux and boy am…

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