Mobile Wi-Fi Power Tools

Traveling with a Mac? Maybe you will find these commands handy when trying to manage the jungle of public WiFi.

Fluffy and Flakey

As a digital nomad I find myself trying to work among a plethora of WiFi arrangements and issues. One of the most common frustrations is the act of connecting/reconnecting to a network, and had I taken the time a year ago to develop the following scripts, I would have more than made up for the spent time. Nonetheless, the inspiration and know-how only came after a time of brushing up my BASH-fu while reading man bash.

These snippets should be saved in ~/.bash_profile or ~/.bashrc depending on your setup.

Problem 1: Randomize MAC address

Although programs exist to do this for you, none are required. I’ve been manually running it from the terminal and making up the numbers on the fly, but a more automated and more random solution is better.

Running macr from the command line will immediately prompt your for your password (if not already cached) and…

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