Shake Reduction

Fluffy and Flakey

Blur reduction is the next step in improving my astrophography. In fact, I’ve spent lots of time reading and researching blue reduction techniques. With most of what I do, the camera is actually in focus, but the distortions in the lens distort the picture in ways related to the shape of the glass.

Although not directly applicable, I tried out Photoshop‘s shake reduction tool which implements a similar method of deblurring – iterative deconvolution based on inferring a blur kernel from the image. A friend sent me the following test image, taken while on the road and providing plenty of motion blur to eliminate.

You can click on the photos to enlarge them. I’ve also been wanting to get more familiar with ImageMagick‘s tools for similar problems. Specifically we can use Fred’s deconvolution script to perform a non-iterative deconvolution of a source image and a given filter, or…

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