I’m a looper

This morning I was finally able to join some friends on a ride around one of Tucson’s great bike trails. Today my phone tells me that I rode twenty-seven miles. It was fun and challenging. Not only am I not used to these kinds of long rides, but there were some pretty fast movers in the group (we were seven people, maybe?) and I was the only one with fat mountain-bike tires and a heavy bike (everyone else had a light-weight road bike). The first half of the ride was hard but I was able to keep up. However, once we got half-way I couldn’t do it any longer so I broke off and had a casual ride home, keeping my pace just at the edge of where a leg cramp would start.

Photo credits to Jonathan Martin
Photo credits to Jonathan Martin

At one point we had to stop and wait for someone to cross the road because apparently rattle snakes don’t know to stay out of the bike lanes.

It was a little discouraging not being able to keep up with the others, but it was also not that bad because I didn’t have high expectations. Since I was free for the return trip, I stopped by the Trader Joe’s that I’ve been wanting to visit for a while.

The hardest part of the day was the last four and a half miles home after Trader Joe’s. By that time I had cooled down and was ready to just be home – like finally returning from vacation but having a long travel time. It felt good and exhausting and took just about three hours including my shop-stop. These guys, the “loopers,” are doing this every weekend and I hope to go again.

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