Pause. Breathe.

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I took a moment tonight after a long few days to setup at a coffee shop in downtown Kansas City. It’s a shame I don’t have more time to explore them because there are some real winners here. Right now I’m at the West Port Coffee House (open ’til 11:00pm).

It’s been a real rush here and I’ve kept myself busy 100% with family matters in the land of my ancestors – well, at least my grandparents and their generation.

Moving around to new coffee shops in unfamiliar cities is somewhat relaxing to me and I feel more privacy here than at home, despite being surrounded by people.

Kansas City has a great downtown with a good portion of history. Sadly I have to miss jazz night here at Westport, but it’s buzzing anyway with people studying, chatting, and having a date.

Rest is important to me. It’s probably important to you. I hope that you have a chance soon to sit back, take a pause from the rush of life, and have a breath all to yourself.

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