The Comet

I’ve been looking eagerly for the comet
our orbits overlap

Now and then our paths cross

Right there – to gaze into it and see it gaze back
Such a wonder, such a beauty
Years of waiting

And yet a cloudy haze shields us from one another
And I look directly but do not see it
And I hope it will peek through
And see me


Mostly gone are the days of long journeys taking more than a day of travel. Back when I was still starting to travel I actually looked into being a “stowaway” on a cargo ship because I thought that the month-long time of quiet would be valuable, but the cost was significantly higher than flying in a jet so I took the obvious choice. Recently though I finally found myself in a long journey – two weeks by the longest measure or six straight days by the shortest. It was a memorable experience so I thought I might share with you the story of my recent fortnight.

Across the world in six days

To those who feel like a burden

When we feel like we are a burden on those who love us, we’re usually blind to the fact that supporting one another brings us joy. “Being a burden” is usually a lie we believe that holds us down. We are worth far more than we realize.

My good friend Anne shares in one of her many honest and helpful posts about the reciprocal nature of friendship and help in times of need. She writes many words but they are worth the read.


This is for those of you who feel like burdens to friends and who are valiantly trying to shoulder the weight of your struggles by yourself.

Please give others the opportunity to help. Please don’t fight alone. Please treat yourself as you would a dearly loved friend.

In the last year, I’ve had too many conversations with too many incredible humans who are hurting alone and who timidly come to me at the very end of themselves.

“I don’t want to be a burden.”

“I’m sorry I’m calling again.”

“I’m sorry to bug you.”

They don’t want to be burdens because they know how heavy what they are carrying is and they don’t want to involve anyone else. They don’t want anyone to feel the way they do or to be trapped in the same emotional struggle they are. They don’t want to reach out only to not find help…

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