Thankful for this unplanned trip

A couple of days ago, my plans changed and I could no longer go to where I was driving at that time. In somewhat of a rush, bewildering to me, I was able to arrange a visit to my best friends in Chicago (Lincoln Square). Starting in Madison, IN, I drove northward, then realized I had to make a new plan. I actually didn’t think I’d be able to come up to the Windy City, but I thank God (and the Gilmer family) for giving me the chance.

So long Chi-town-008

I arrived in Greenwood and grabbed some lunch. Realizing that I might be able to visit Chicago, I started going haywire trying to find a way up there. I was too tired to drive, and I needed to do some work, which meant that I needed to ride on a bus or train. The MegaBus route I found (the only one I practically could take in order to make the trip work) left in forty-five minutes and I had no way to get to Indy. So I made an incredibly awkward call: “Hi, sorry to be so blunt, but could you take me downtown right now?” It worked out and I made it safely with a couple of minutes to spare!

So long Chi-town-015

The past couple of days have been great, too. We’ll really miss the Seaman family while we’re away. They have been there the whole way working through the journey towards missions with us, as they are also inching towards moving away to 日本.

Now I’m heading back home? While it certainly is liberating to live out of your knapsack and to be homeless, it’s also nice to have someplace to rest and find peace. Just a couple more weeks…

So long Chi-town-004