A prayer for our nation

Dear Lord,

You have taught us that when we set out to pursue our own gain
that we will stumble and strive and find confusion.
You have taught us that when we seek to love one another
and serve one another and pursue the things you care about
that we will find peace and joy and contentment.

But dear Father, right now we have all turned astray from your ways.
We have traded that love and hospitality for fear and a promise of personal gain.

I have walked past the hungry because I was too occupied with my own musings
I have withheld from the needy because I denied how much you have given me
I have desired violence and strife and chaos over harmony because it excites me
I have chosen pain over healing and brokenness over reconciliation because they are easier
I have remained silent because I wasn’t the victim

Because when I stopped thanking you for the bounty in my life
I feared that the comfort I grew accustomed to might disappear
I feared that the story I made up at the time might crumble before me
I feared that there was no one to protect me

Because when I turned my eyes away from you and onto myself
I lost sight of your provisions and strength
I lost sight of the larger story you are crafting
I lost sight of the merciful way you shield me

But none of this is new to you, oh one who is beyond time
and you have seen it in the past and you will see it again
So in this moment our savior, save us from ourselves
and restore among us love, peace, and faith.

For you have given to us in abundance and we thank you for that
and you have delivered to us a story more beautiful than we could imagine
and you have promised us that there is nothing to fear within your presence
and you have waited patiently for us in our wayward wanderings.

Heal this people, heal this nation, heal this heart of mine, Lord
There is no hope lest you intervene
There is no salvation lest you intercede
We are speechless and lost and know only that things are broken
that our best wisdom and effort and ways are nothing
Please lead us home.