Aspiring Photographer

While enjoying my breakfast at Café Central in Vienna, I spotted a young boy looking over my shoulder. He was fascinated with the photos that I was editing on my computer.

Curiosity is not rude - it's flattery.
Curiosity is not rude – it’s flattery.

This Swiss family was also taking a vacation to Vienna and the grandparents were trying to encourage their grandson to be mindful with the pictures he takes. I let him look at my computer, then when I saw his interest (and his brother’s) I let them take a picture with my camera, which was a little more robust than his.

Taken by a young aspiring photography, my favorite portrait.
Taken by a young aspiring photographer, my favorite portrait.

The more we do something and the better we get, the more mystery we risk losing. This boy’s imagination was tickled while he looked over my shoulder, and his grandma reported in an email to me that he is “motivated to not simply press the button” on his camera, but to think about his shots before taking them. It’s an art and it’s a passion and I am flattered to have inspired him. I hope that twenty years from now he too will be passing on that inspiration to a young boy or girl full of wonder.

Thanks boys!