So you pay all your bills, but I think you’ll die before you pay me back.

This article on the Vice does a good job of summarizing some of the potentially unseen dangers of ignoring privacy issues on the web.

here is a company that knows the intimate details of my student loans, and they may also know about my health concerns?

The world has had thousands of years to figure out how to interact with reality but only a few to figure out the cyberspace. Everything is different in the cyber realm and we all need to learn what consequences and responsibilities it brings.

There’s a great deal of malicious intent on the web, but far more prevalent are the unexpected snafus and the malice they inspire.

Some basic rules of cyberspace:

  • They don’t have to be accurate to ruin your life
  • They know you better than you know yourself
  • They target everyone because it’s easier than targeting you