Dennis Has Arrived in Germany (and left again)

Finally, after three weeks of being apart, I made my way home to Mandi; it was an exciting reunion.

My first glimpse of Mandi!

I had fairy comfortable travel, starting with the gate agent in Indianapolis checking my backpack all the way to Hannover, which meant that I didn’t have to carry it through New York and London. Then, when I boarded the 777-300ER, my seat had been changed from what I selected online, but since the plane wasn’t full, I was able to take the seat right behind one of the galleys. This was a great seat because there weren’t any seats in front of me, there was more leg room than I could use, and the seats next to me were empty.

The trip did wear me out, however, and it took me a couple of nights’ rest to recover. Mandi has taken me on a tour around the city and we already took a couple of trips to IKEA to plan some improvements to our humble little home in Hannover.

Journey to Hannover-022
This large guy carried me all the way to London

Thankfully, I was able to get my registration completed in just about an hour and a half at the B├╝rgeramt, but that is only because I got up early to try and be first in line – I was eighth in line coming a half-an-hour before they opened, but those who came at the opening time ended up waiting behind about a hundred people.

So, what a rush of two days! I mean, three days, because I’m writing this from the train bound for Berlin in order to catch a flight to Bulgaria! This weekend is WordCamp Europe, the conference put together by the European WordPress users’ group. Because Mandi has to teach, she is unable to come with me now, but she will join me tomorrow in Sofia where we will stay until Monday. This will be the first WordCamp that I have attended, and I’m excited to see more of the community that makes WordPress such an open and democratic platform.

Main entrance to Berlin's Hauptbahnhof (Main train station)
Main entrance to Berlin’s Hauptbahnhof (Main train station)