Travel Blunders

This comes just a little late, mainly because of my trip to Sofia right after I arrived in Germany, but I wanted to share about one of the less exciting aspects of being a nomad, namely damaged luggage.

I travel often but this is the first time I have personally experienced damaged luggage. When I flew to Japan last summer, Air Canada was very worried about an article a friend of mine had – they even held it back and delivered it to his door, but in the end there was hardly a scratch on the bag – that was service.

Now, however, it’s my baggage and it’s really messed up. The black bag was a going-away gift from the engineering department at the Johnson County REMC, a wonderful place full of warm and amazing people. Although I planned on taking with me to Bulgaria last week, I couldn’t because of the torn strap. The green bag is also brand new, as Mandi and I decided we needed some durable luggage of our own (I think we had always borrowed luggage in the past). We’re glad we got something built like a tank (props to Osprey luggage!) because it was banged up pretty badly and I’m pretty sure the other suitcases we had been using would have left our stuff strewn across the conveyor system

So, from here on out we’ll see what happens with it all. Hopefully the airline will take care of it. Below are the pictures of the damage.