K├Âlnischen Abentuer

Mandi arrived safely in Cologne, Germany, on Sunday morning after a long day of travel. Things went smoothly until the very end, when the power was out at the train station and she had to schlep her luggage up and down all the stairs without the aid of an escalator or an elevator (she’s really strong!). She is now busy at work with about a hundred and fifty other Fulbrighters in training and will continue to do so for the rest of the week.

After Mandi left, I drove down to stay with my brother and his wife, Laura, and daughter, Erin. It has been fun visiting and hanging out with them, and I have also been able to tour Madison Chemical, which is where my brother works.

Check out the tour of the chemical plant on our Flickr album!

Madison Chemical Tour-001.jpgMadison Chemical Tour-017.jpg